Deep Sea Fishing and Ocean Adventures

Name                                                                           TEL NO                                                              

Albatros Charters                                                     072-235-3075

Aqua Vida Charters                                                  076-865-0267

Awesome Charters                                                   082-560-8991  

Big Mama Charters                                                  084-299-0480

Black Caviar Charters                                             072-413-3607

C-Freaks                                                                      082-953-4170

East Coast Charters                                                 083-305-3096

Fish-A-Holic                                                               081-023-4577

Hot Stuff Pleasure Cruises                                    082-777-7324

Greatest Catch                                                           079-551-9626

Mama Mia Charters                                                 082-777-7324

Mistyfire Mr J Charters                                          084-671-2994

Must Byt Fishing Charters                                    082-777-7324

Mighty Charters                                                       082-833-6554

Offshore Fishing Adventures                                082-676-0437

Pumbaa Fishing Charters                                      082-099-9941

Riptide Charters                                                       072-289-7229

Sensational Deep sea Fishing                              079-824-8258
Shongololo Charters                                               083-228-0977

Shot 4 Shot Fishing Charters (Port Edward)   083-473-1764

Shoot the Breeze Trading                                      073-949-2173

Sir Thomas Fishing Charters                                082-265-9241

Sosume Charters                                                     073-285-2254

Strike Fishing Charters                                          079-114-2009

The Tackle Box SB                                                    039-315-5961

Tyde Fishing Charters                                            082-336-8120

Viking Extreme Fishing Charters                      072-885-5533

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